20 Classy Hen Party Games for an Unforgettable Hen Night

If the bride-to-be is looking for an evening full of sophistication and sass, take a look at this ultimate guide to classy hen party games that all the ladies will love. And don’t worry, you can pretend they were your own ideas!

Memorable meetings

Best for breaking the ice

Not only is this a classic hen do game but it’s a great icebreaker. Get the fizz flowing and ask everyone to write down where they first met the bride. Then get the bride to read each one out and decide which hen has written it. As well as reliving memories, this great game will get everyone talking .

Balloon Questions

Best For A Cheap Laugh

Get everyone to write down a question - naughty or nice - and place inside a balloon. Blow the balloons up and throughout the night, the bride-to-be chooses a balloon, pops it and answer the questions. Note to self: The popping never gets easier. Want to get the whole group involved? Then every hen answers the questions too! Guaranteed to get everyone giggling.

Prosecco Pong

Best for pre-drinks

You’ve probably heard of beer pong, but Prosecco Pong is a classic hen party game that fizzes with fun. Split into teams, pour some drink and try to get your ball into the opposite cups. Whoever lands their ball in the cup, wins that prosecco. Plus, it’s a great picture opportunity - just watch those concentration faces…

Cocktail Challenges

Best for unleashing a little healthy competition

A hen do without cocktails is like Take That without Gary Barlow - it just shouldn’t ever happen. Split into pairs and get your juices flowing as you compete to make the best cocktail. The bride-to-be then has to taste each tipple and choose a winner. Simply invest in a cocktail making kit, loads of booze and you’re on to a winner.  


Mr + Mrs

Best for digging into the bride's relationship

This hen do game takes a little preparation but is sure to show you a different side to the bride. Before the hen night, ask the groom 20 questions. Then, once the hen party has begun ask your bride-to be the same questions and see how many times their responses match. For some question inspiration, take a look at our Hen Party Mr And Mrs Quiz Questions.


Best for releasing your inner child

Everyone’s heard of Piñata but we’re talking about a hen party Piñata. All you need is a wedding themed Piñata such as this Tiara shaped one, and then fill it with sweets, garters, confetti and of course miniature bottles of booze. Don’t forget to blindfold everyone when it’s their turn. You’ll be amazed at how many people miss.

The Banned Word Game

Best for getting really drunk

Is it really a hen do without a drinking game? Simply pick one word that cannot be said throughout the entire evening. Our favourites include wedding, bride, the groom’s name or married. If someone slips up and mentions the word, they have to down their drink. Sounds easy right? Imagine what’s it going to be like after a few too many glasses.

Naughty Nicknames

Best for embarrassing your mates

Come up with nicknames for every hen and get everyone guessing as to where the name came from. Even better, turn it into a drinking game and if anyone uses someone’s original name instead of the nickname, they have to drink. Take it to the next level and get each nickname printed on a badge or t-shirt, to be worn the entire weekend.

The Wine Tasting Game

Best for pretending you're sophisticated

We’ve all got that mate who claims to know her Pinot from her Chardonnay and now you can really test her taste buds. Ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine, cover the labels and taste each bottle. Then vote for your favourite wine and the person who bought the wine will reveal the cost of the bottle. Great fun while drinking wine - need we say more?


The Present Game

Best for a walk down memory lane 

Every guest brings a gift for the bride that reminds them of their friendship. Line them up and the get the bride to guess who brought which gift. The gifts can be as small or big as you like. Our favourites include a handwritten poem, CD compilation, a tacky t-shirt or photo of the first night you met.

Bridal Bingo

Best for an easy game that everyone will love

This is one of the easiest hen party game ideas but also one of the best. Create some bingo sheets (you can find loads here) and fill each square with a different hen party/wedding fact or word. Write down the same words on a piece of paper and get your bride to draw them from a wine glass. The first hen to fill her card, wins.

Bride Advice

Best for giving advice that you never take on board

We love these cute advice cards and know they’d make for a great hen party game. Get the alcohol flowing and pass the cards around the table. Ask every hen to fill in their top advice - funny or valuable! Then collect them, read them out and guess who wrote what. Top tip: the naughtier the advice the better.

Who’s who

Best for getting everyone involved

Challenge the bride and see if she really knows her BFF’s. Ask all the hens to write down a fact about themselves on a piece of paper. Think fun, unusual and hilarious. Give the facts to the hen and ask her to choose who she thinks wrote each one. If she gets it wrong, she has to take a shot.

Prosecco Challenge

Best for playing while out and about

This personalised prosecco challenge is a must for any hen parties. Whether you’re heading abroad or staying closer to home, be sure to take these pop-up dice with you and set some fizz-fuelled dares. From pretending to be a prosecco expert or getting a stranger to buy you a glass, these bubbly challenges are fantastic. Even better, there’s cocktail and gin versions if prosecco isn’t your thing.


The Cocktail Challenge

Best for kicking off your night

Test your hen’s knowledge with some cheeky cocktails. Invest in some cocktail quiz sheets (like these) and see if your hens can guess these naughty names. It’s even funnier when the answers are wrong so expect some spectacular guesses. Even better - why not ask the barman to create a cocktail based on the wrong guesses.

The Bride Quiz

Best for seeing who knows the bride best

Split all the hens into mixed teams - you don’t want all her university friends together. Then hand out these personalised quizzes and see how well everyone knows the bride. To really heat things up, confirm the answer after each question. Those who got it wrong have to do a shot. This quiz really could end up anywhere.

Never Have I Ever

Best for a classic drinking game

From drinking in the park at 15 to drinking value vodka at university, Never Have I Ever is everyone’s favourite drinking game. Not only does it get the party going but it’s the great way to find out some naughty tales about the other hens. Note to self: don’t let all your best mate’s secrets out, you still want some friends for the plane home.


Hen do Pictionary

Best for revealing your hidden talent

The classic game of drawing pictures for everyone to guess - but with a twist. This hen do pictionary gives you the choice between clean, explicit or mixed cards so choose wisely if the mother-in-law is joining you. Guaranteed to be a great laugh, it can easily be turned into a drinking game by making the artist down their drink every time their picture can’t be guessed.

First Impressions

Best for hen parties when everyone doesn't know each other

This game is a idea great if you’ve got members of the groom’s family on the hen party. Ask everyone to write down their first impressions of the blushing bride-to-be. Then one by one, read them out and the bride has to guess who wrote what. A classic game that will get everyone talking to each other.

Hen Party Dares

Best for the ultimate hen party game

This last one can be as classy as you like. From aeroplane announcements to taping wine bottles to her hands, if your bride-to-be has a wicked sense of humour, then there’s tonnes of hen do pranks that will make this an unforgettable weekend. Yes, it’s schoolboy humour but making fun of your mate never hurt anyone, did it? (Just remember she’s choosing your bridesmaid dress though)

Vintage Hen House have listed these vintage hen party ideas, if that's what you're after.

Every hen party deserves to be fun but fun doesn’t have to be trashy. If you’re looking for the perfect hen do activity, then why not check out our hen party life drawing classes too!