Frequently Asked Questions


What’s included in a Nude Life life drawing class?

If your Nude Life drawing class is at your accommodation: 

An athletic, friendly model, a butler service, spirits for shots, competitions and games, all professional drawing equipment, a canvas and a personalised folder to keep your drawings safe forever.

If your Nude Life drawing class is at a venue: 

An athletic, friendly model, a butler service, competitions and games, all professional drawing equipment, a canvas and a personalised folder to keep your drawings safe forever.


How does the class run? 

You’ll draw your model in three different poses, each chosen by your group. He can even pose with the bride-to-be and will incorporate some cheeky games alongside helpful, professional tips. The best drawer will sketch the final pose on canvas for the bride-to-be, and she’ll also be given a folder of everyone’s drawings as a keepsake. After you’ve finished your masterpieces, your model is free to have a drink with the group.


How much is a life drawing class?

Prices start at £20pp.


How much is the deposit?

The deposit is just the lead bookers place in the class (between £20-£30), so you don’t have to worry about chasing money to secure your class.


But what if I can’t draw? 

Don’t worry – most of our hens have little or no art experience, but greatly enjoy this alternative hen party activity. 

Our models have completed an extensive life drawing course. So they can give you top tips or let you just draw wild depending on the mood of the class! Our models are hand selected for their personalities and for this reason we want them to lead our life drawing classes and be the focus point of the event. From our experience, classes are much more fun when run by a professional life drawing model.

The classes are a little competitive, how competitive is down to you. You will probably find that your skills improve over the course of the 90 minutes – and we often get feedback that hens are going to continue with life drawing as a hobby! 


Is the model nude? 

Yes! But you can request that they be partially clothed, not that that has ever happened!


Can you come to our venue? 

Yes! Nude Life is a mobile service, and we can visit your venue pretty much anywhere in the UK. We regularly visit country cottages, big houses, hotels, private homes, function rooms, castles, and even yurts. 

We cover all the main cities in the UK including London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Blackpool, Bath, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff – plus many more towns, cities, and remote countryside locations. Just let us know where you would like your hen party life drawing class!


Can Nude Life provide a venue? 

We have working relationships with venues across the UK, but we do not provide them. If you’d like to know who we work with, please let us know. Alternatively, there are lots of venue finding services which can help you find the perfect venue, like or

We only provide venue recommendations. It is the customers' responsibility to ensure the venue booked can hold Nude Life events has adequate space available to set-up and hold a life drawing class.


Is our venue suitable? 

Your venue needs to be private and sealed off from public view,  with no one passing through. There also needs to be enough space and furniture for hens to sit down, room for the model to sit and maintain focus. We’d also recommend an area with a bar and a sound system to create the perfect atmosphere for your hen party life drawing class. We have working relationships with some venues across the UK, so let us know if you’d like us to put you in contact with them. 


Can we do the class outside? 

Yes, we can hold the class outside (weather dependent!).


Do you have female models?

Yes, we have some female life drawing models available throughout the UK.


We are a mixed gender/LGBT+ group – can we book a life drawing class with Nude Life?

Absolutely! Plus, if you would prefer to have a female model just drop us a line to check availability before booking.


Can we have two Nude Life drawing models?

Yes, for an extra £100 you can have an additional model. 


What if more people join at the last minute – can we pay for extra hens on the day? 

You can add more people to your event you’ll just have to let us know asap if number increase. Our models do not handle cash on the day, so we’ll draw up an additional person invoice which is payable online.


How do I secure my event?

Let us know, and we’ll send you a deposit invoice. We'll take the outstanding balance one month before your event so you've got plenty of time to finalise numbers.


How are payments made?

Payments are made via BACs transfer or through our online payment system using Stripe technology. 


Can I pay by cash, or on the day? 

No. Our models and tutors do not handle cash or payments on our behalf. 


Some hens have dropped out, can we get a refund or discount? 

We will honour our prices until one month before your class and will reduce the balance invoice to reflect a more accurate number of hens. After that point, we take no responsibility for your hen count – we’ve already ordered your materials and allocated your model, so we suggest you encourage your hens to commit well in advance.


Can we change the time of our booking? 

Subject to model availability we will do our best to change the time of your booking. Please be aware that the closer to your event you are at the time of change the less likely we’ll be able to change your time, so let us know asap!


Can we request a particular model?

 Yes, subject to availability and location.


I have a question you haven’t answered in the above FAQs

That’s okay, just email us at or call us on 0800 980 4668.