About Nude Life


Bringing life drawing to the contemporary, digitally-focussed world with the aim of escaping life’s daily stresses, promoting self-love, expanding creativity and bringing mindfulness to everyone.

Full-frontal male nudity has always been more of a taboo than female nudity, and there’s been something of a double standard between men and women. Here at Nude Life we’re doing our bit to help level the balance and get equal in terms of nudity. With lots of media attention on what’s wrong with the body, we felt it was time to celebrate what’s SO right: the beauty of the human form in all its glory.


Since opening our doors, we’ve created fun activities that everyone can get involved in, by releasing innovative classes, by building a passionate and dedicated team and by striving to facilitate personal growth and making an impact on everyone we do business with.

Whether it’s a birthday, hen party, corporate event or a public life drawing class, our fun life drawing sessions suit all levels of ability – from total beginners to seasoned artists. Plus, our models are trained to teach you drawing skills but they’re also professionals in creating the perfect party atmosphere.

With a select group of seriously cool models all over the UK, we thought it was about time you got to know us a little better!


Hi, we’re Charlie, Shirley and Chrystal, three individuals (and siblings!) on a mission to prove that hen parties, corporate events and birthday parties can be fun and classy while offering a range of benefits for everyone involved.


Charlie Howes / Founder and marketing

Whilst at university, I began life drawing modelling to earn a little extra cash. This coincided with the discovery of my passion for marketing and events.  I soon realised that there was a gap in the market for a unique sole life drawing brand and ideas began to flow. In December 2015, I bought the domain www.nudelife.co.uk, launched an extremely simple website and I guess the rest they say is history...

Nude Life was created not only to give first-class customer experiences but also allowed me to unleash my marketing creativity on a company without being ruled by big-time bosses. Having developed both professionally and personally, Nude Life has created a number of fantastic learning experiences for me and my team. I’ve also recently co-founded a new modelling agency Nude Agency.

This is just the beginning for Nude Life. We’re on a mission to create classy and memorable experiences for people all over the world - and hen parties are just one layer of this. As a team we’ve recognised an opportunity to drive art forward to the masses and we’re only just getting started…


SHirley Howes / Founder and accounts

Unlike most brothers and sisters, Charlie and I took the plunge and decided to work together on the Nude Life venture (but we still fight over the remote control at Christmas!) I’ve been in administrative roles for my entire life so combine this with a genuine interest in events and my position at Nude Life seemed to just fall into place. With double the ideas and man power, Nude Life’s team grew and soon I moved over to the accounts department.

Not only do I enjoy working with my brother and sister but I’m also passionate about Nude Life as I’ve watched it grow - from an idea in Charlie’s head to an incredible business that isn’t slowing down! While some people may question working with your siblings, I can’t think of anything better. Some people even say we rival the Kardashians… Okay they don’t really.

When it comes to the future, there really is no stopping us. Not only do we want Nude Life to grow but we also want to grow as individuals. While working with your siblings might not be everyone’s cup of tea, i think it’s one of the reasons that Nude Life has become so successful. Our small, personable team understand exactly what you, as customers want and I’m always proud of the professional yet friendly relationships that we’re able to create with our customers.


Chrystal howes / founder and office manager

With experience in waitressing, management and supervision, I’ve worked with the general public for a number of years. After falling pregnant with my wonderful little boy Charles (named after my brother), I soon came to the realisation that working in hospitality with a baby was practically impossible. I began studying beauty but during this time, my brother Charlie started Nude Life and needed an extra pair of hands.

After getting my head around Apple Mac and Slack, I started working for Nude Life as an Administration Manager. Responsible for all bookings and customer service, I have direct contact with customers and help make their journey with Nude Life a memorable one.  I also take care of allocating all of our model's onto their jobs, keeping in contact with them to show them some love now and then!

I’m now working full-time from my home and our newly opened office in Brighton. The flexibility is amazing. I can work from both my phone and my laptop anywhere I like. Working with Nude Life there is always something new popping up, the limits are endless. My favourite part is the interaction with our clients, let's face it, your planning a fun party for your Best Friend and getting sent pictures of our lovely model's, it's great fun! Above all, as cheesy as it may sound, I am working with both my brother and my sister, we are all extremely close and bounce of each other, we all fit each of our roles perfectly and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!