Life drawing as a hen party acitivity

Being the maid of honor at my best friend Jessica's wedding was nothing short of a nightmare for me. Of course, I had all the responsibilities that every bridesmaid has, but I wanted to do things differently, to make the whole hen weekend extra special for her and to look for new ideas for her hen party seemed nearly impossible!

Blindfolding the bride-to-be to surprise her with her bachelorette party with crude strippers has become too big a cliché already. A more sophisticated approach these days is life drawing. It is both fun, creative and so much different from the norm that it automatically ensures your hen party to be a success and a wonderful memory all would love to procure. Plus, you still get to see a gorgeous naked man!

While life drawing may sound very serious and something out of an art school, it is actually very enjoyable. It is an activity that brings out everyone's creative sides and you enjoy it immensely as it is something you most likely would have never tried before. Plus, Nude Life provided us with all the supplies, so that is one less of a hassle you will have to take care of.

Our life drawing model was clearly very experienced, often joking around with us while all the while being very charming. It was not at all awkward, as I thought it might be before the event, we almost forgot he was naked!

Three poses were chosen, the first two poses were solo and the red-faced hen joined the model for the last! Some of our friends drawings were great and some, not so great. This made it all the more fun though, naming and shaming and finding some hidden artists within the group. Shots were the forfeit in our group for the poor drawings, and all the 'art' was enclosed for us to keep. The hen's goody-bag was also an extremely nice touch by Nude Life - bravo!

With so many opting for the typical hen party with strippers, life drawing was a unique and surprisingly fun hen party activity. Not only does this make your party less tacky, and creatively fun but I can promise you that everyone will have a good laugh just by looking at each other's art skills! So next time you are the maid of honor, try something different like this. It will surely make your hen party most memorable!  

I would highly recommend Nude Life as your life drawing supplier! Book now!

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