The 4 Best Hen Party Planning Tips

Advice for Bridesmaids

Remember that the hen party should be all about the hen AKA the bride-to-be! You’ll want her to enjoy every single moment of her hen party, so ensure that she’s surrounded by her very best friends and family members. Whatever event or weekend you plan to do, make sure you think of some fun, cheeky and perhaps some emotional surprises along the way. In order to stay organised, why not draw up an itinerary of the hen party celebration in advance, and distribute it so that everyone knows where they should be, and when! Plus, contact all activity providers in advance, just to double check that everything has been booked accordingly.

Planning a Budget

Consider everyone invited to the hen party when it comes to planning the budget. Ultimately the budget will be based around the activities you do, plus in some cases may need to include overnight accommodation and flights as well. You may also need to include a budget for food and drinks on top of whatever you book. Try not to price anyone out whether you’re planning on staying in the UK for the hen party, or travelling abroad. If you do plan a hen party abroad then maybe consider a separate, smaller hen party or celebration back in the UK for anyone missing out. If you’re planning a hen party through a dedicated company then be sure to look out for sales. Nude Life has sales on their hen party activities from time to time and is renowned for having a big sale in January, so keep checking their website for special deals and offers.

When it comes to drinks or dinner in the evenings maybe suggest a kitty that everyone contributes to in advance, so that everyone is paying roughly the same throughout the whole event.

How to Choose your Activity

Speak to the bride-to-be about her preferences when it comes to booking a hen party; after all, it is a party for her. Consider the age group of everyone invited to the hen party. An all-night clubbing event might not suit the mother of the bride (if she’s on the guest list), but a day time activity such as life drawing with Nude Life followed by an optional evening activity might work well. Be prepared to compromise to suit the bride and the rest of the hen party.

Plus, think about the weather and time of year. An outdoor activity might not be best if the hen party happens to be in the middle of winter, but cocktail training or a Bollywood dancing class could be ideal!

Keep it a Secret

Most bridesmaids or hen party organisers will keep the activity of the event a secret. It usually depends on budget, but keeping the entire activity for the hen party will not only be a great surprise for the hen, but it will also be an exciting experience for everyone attending.

Lauren Troughton, the PR Manager for Chillisauce was delighted to hear that a group of hen party organisers double surprised the hen with a Nude Life drawing class recently. Having kept the hen party activity a secret from the bride-to-be, they told then hen just as they arrived that they would all be doing a life drawing class. However, for a joke the hen’s father-in-law to-be was in the waiting room with nothing on but a dressing gown, pretending to be the life model. After a lot of blushing and joking around, the father-in-law to-be was replaced with a real model!

Be sure to plan the hen party in advance, and leave enough time for the bride to recover, between her hen party and her wedding day. Take along a camera so that you can capture the best moments of the party, and don’t forget to pack hen related accessories if you plan on giving them to the bride along the way. Also, why not speak to the person planning the stag party to maybe coordinate both parties happen over the same weekend — but in different locations of course!

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