Our Top Tips For Your Hen Party Preparations

1. Beauty Regime

Hen party life drawing beauty.jpg

Now, we’re not saying your bridesmaids are going to whisk you off for a weekend of sun, sand and relaxation but even if there’s a chance you could be jetting abroad, it’s best to get bikini ready. We’re talking brows done, tan prep, hair removal, the works.

2. Know your outfits

Hen party life drawing outfits .jpg

Outfit anxiety hits us all at some point or another, and your hen party is definitely an occasion where you want to feel amazing. So, to avoid the inevitable fuss over clothing, ask your bridesmaids how many outfits you’ll need so you can plan outfits you love in advance.

3. Create a playlist

Hen party life drawing playlist.jpg

Music is the food of love and also the food for an unforgettable Hen Party. Put together a playlist of your favourite songs, so you can keep the good vibes going from the journey there to getting ready for your accommodation.

4. A hangover survival kit

Nude Life Drawing Playlist.jpg

Chances are, there’s going to be a lot of alcohol consumed alongside your hen weekend activities, and we’ve all felt the consequences of too many glasses of bubbles the morning after. Help out your future hungover self by coming prepared with the all the essentials such as painkillers, plasters and vitamins.   

5. Manage Expectations

Nude Lifr Drawing Expectations.jpg

As most things that include a large number of people, it’s possible that not all your friends will be able to make it. Likely for a good reason, whether that be budget or prior commitments. Therefore, it’s good to not let yourself be disappointed and instead have a great time and make the most of the friends who are there.

6. Camera ready

Nude Life Drawing Camera.jpg

Your Hen Party is going to be full of moments that you don’t want to miss so take a camera (and a spare!) to capture all the best bits. Disposable cameras can also be a lot of fun.

On this note, it can be good to talk to your group about how you feel about social media sharing, particularly if you want to keep it a bit more low-key online. There’s not a lot of things worse than waking up to embarrassing tagged photos on Facebook for the whole world to see.

If you really are struggling for time, why not Hire a PA for a day! That’ll ease the outlay a little.

If you're looking for a hen party life drawing class, be sure to get in touch with us! 

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