Brighton City Guide

Brighton & Hove will forever be home to me and Nude Life. I was born in London but we moved to Brighton when I was seven so despite moving back to the big city, I’ll always be a B-town gal deep down. Nude Life was founded in Brighton, so the city is ingrained in the company and therefore it has multiple venues and models it can turn to. People often say it’s a London by the sea and I couldn’t agree more; I’m always entranced by its ever-changing nature.

I’m always so surprised to hear people say they haven’t visited so whether it’s to pull up a deckchair on the pebbles, dig around in the lanes for some hidden gems or to stuff your face with good ol’ fish n chips, make sure you take a trip to the seaside.

Here are a few things I’d say are worth raving about that could add to your hen party weekend!

The Beach

Brighton Beach is, of course, the most obvious appeal. Thousands of people flock to the award-winning beach each year to lap up the British summer rays but I’m always pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not only an appeal during the summer. Come winter there are still loads of people wrapped up warm taking a family bike ride, an evening stroll with their dog or the bravest even take a dunk in the icy water.

Do bear in mind that it can become a touch heaving in the summer so if you prefer things a bit more on the peaceful side; take a short stroll down toward Hove Beach. There you can take in the well-kept lawns, the dazzling array of multi-coloured beach huts and even stop off at one of the many cafes on offer.

The Lanes

There are actually two areas; the North Laine and The Lanes, both very different and this often causes a hell of a lot of confusion. Deep in the boho-chic North Laine, you’ll find offbeat designers and flea markets, alongside boutiques and vintage jumble shops, like Beyond Retro. Just down the road a bit, The Lanes is it's upmarket posher sister and showcases slightly smarter shops in narrower, winding passageways.

Both truly cater for everyone and it’s so easy to spend hours wandering through the streets popping in and out of the many appealing attractions.

Pavillion Gardens

The Royal Pavilion is definitely a sight for sore eyes. The majestic building is famous with Brighton’s own, as well as the many tourists that visit. However, the winner for me are the gardens that surround it. I’ve spent many an afternoon nestled on the preened grass with a picnic or with a takeaway coffee, listening to the brass bands and enjoying the fine view.

If you fancy a drink and you're next to the Pavillion, make sure you head along to the Spiegel Tent. Not only does the tent and its gardens have great beer and food, but it’s also got the best vibe of the whole Brighton Festival & Fringe! So if you're going to Brighton in either May or June, this is a must visit. Although last year the tent was so successful it ran all summer! 

Going late into the night, there’s DJs, live music and all the best people you hope to run into on a night out. It’s Brighton’s hub throughout May and June, and it’s always free to get into!

The Food

As a foodie, I've spent many many years trying out a broad selection of the restaurants that Brighton has to offer. But again, it's always a delight going back because there's always a new one (or ten) to try every few months. This metropolis caters for every taste bud, as well as showcasing many quirky food trends.

Whether you're a fan of the traditional seaside nosh (e.g. fish n chips or a good old battered sausage) or you're after something a touch more upmarket, Brighton will not disappoint. No matter the time of day, no matter how picky you are or how extreme your diet is, there's an array of options

Here are just a few of my favourites: The House, The Creperie, Ginger Pig, Riddle & Fins, Food for Friends, Morrocos, Giggling Squid, Casa Don Carlos, Blackbird Tea Rooms and many many more.   

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