5 Unorthodox Games For A Hen Party

In April, we did a write-up of 20 classy Hen Party games, covering everything from Prosecco Pong (which, wonderfully, is getting trendier) to Naughty Nicknames. If you read the list you got the idea: more or less any kind of game goes as long as it involves some combination of drinking, socialising, learning things about each other, or testing the intellect. Still, it never hurts to have more specific ideas, so we’re expanding on the list - this time with a few more unorthodox games for your Hen Party. 

1. Cook Off

Cooking at a hen party (or for one) isn’t exactly a new idea. It’s probably not uncommon for friend groups to buy up a bunch of ingredients and go wild in the kitchen, trying new things, indulging, helping each other out, etc. But what about turning it into a game or a competition? You can actually find tips for how to imitate popular cooking challenges from cooking reality shows on television - or, of course, you can go the simple route of taking it in turns to blindly judge creations from the rest of the group. It’s actually a very fun kind of activity once you get into it - particularly if you keep the wine flowing as you go! 

2. Toilet Paper Dress Design

Yes, this is apparently a real thing. What’s more, it can actually be pretty incredible. Quilted Northern actually held a contest for the best toilet paper wedding dress design and some of the examples look shockingly… well… beautiful. If one of the party is about to be married, we won’t go so far as to suggest she should wind up wearing one of these on the day of. But she can judge her friends’ toilet paper dress designs at the hen party, turning it into something of a game/crafting project. 

3. Dirty Sculpting

Remember the game Pictionary? If not, it’s sort of like Charades on paper. You play with a partner, and you’re instructed to draw a certain object in a set amount of time, clearly enough that your partner will guess what it’s supposed to be before the other team accomplishes the same goal. Now, imagine the same game with sculpting clay, and imagine only dirty themes. You could be asked to sculpt a body part, a sexual position, a sex toy, or anything similar. It’s actually a very easy game to organize too - all you need is enough clay and a stack of notecards on which to write the subjects (and perhaps a timer as well). 

4. Virtual Games Of Fortune

Regular video games at a hen party could be sort of dry (though personally I’d never say no to a Mario Kart tournament among friends, no matter what the occasion). But games of fortune are a little more interesting because you can do some wagering against one another, and it just so happens that these games have recently gotten a lot more interesting to play in groups. That’s because some of the online sites behind slots, roulette and other games in this category have introduced virtual reality, such that if you have a compatible device you can take it in turns to spin slot reels, watch roulette wheels, etc. - all while your friends laugh at how ridiculous you look. 

5. Dress Up Poker

It’s crazy that this isn’t more of a concept. Basically, we’re talking about strip poker in reverse. Have everyone bring as many clothes and accessories as they can, throw everything into a bin, strip down to whatever you’re all comfortable in, and start playing. Losers must add pieces of clothing one by one, until ideally you’re all wearing silly, mismatched ensembles of this.