The 25 Best Hen Do Pranks For The Bride-To-Be

Pranks are usually left to the stags to organise, but why should the boys have all the fun?

If the bride-to-be has a great sense of humour, wants an unforgettable hen night and you’re looking for a way to surprise her, then look no further. We’ve gathered the best ideas on how to stitch up the hen while ensuring that this will be a weekend to remember for all the right reasons.

Handcuffed dwarf

When it comes to getting the sweet bride-to-be handcuffed, there is no better match than pairing her with a dwarf. Why not go the extra mile and provide your little friend with some outrageous fancy dress. Go all out with a blue paint job and be a Smurf for the entire evening or alternatively, they could dress up as a double act. The perfect addition for any bar crawl - just watch her embarrassment when it’s time for a wee!

Amy Winehands

Is she really your best mate if you don’t get enjoyment out of her looking like a fool? Before you head out, sellotape a bottle of wine to each hand so that the beloved hen can only drink. You’ll be amazed at where the hen party games go after this prank…

A fancy dress white lie


It’s not a really bad lie if it’s only a joke, right? The hen party event organiser tells everyone including the hen that it’s fancy dress. Tell her you’re all going crazy - the best we’ve seen throughout the years are: animal onesies, nun costumes, rubik clothes, and even Mrs Santa Claus in the heat of the summer. Yet, plot twist, no-one dresses up except for the beautiful, blushing bride-to-be. Ooops. Did you not get the memo?

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Wardrobe prank

Alternatively, tell the hen you’ve booked a skiing weekend and she’ll rush to pack the winter coats, boots and the thickest scarf. Get to the airport and just before checking in the suitcases let her know it’s all been a joke and the party will take place by the beach. The look on her face will be priceless but please make sure you pack her swimsuit in your own luggage. After all, she’s the one choosing your bridesmaid dresses.

Drink, drink, drink


Sick of hearing your friend pine about her stag? A classic hen party drinking game is to make her down her drink whenever his name is mentioned. Better make sure, you take a lot of fizz, ey?



Picture this - All the girls are together getting their makeup on and having a few drinks. There’s a knock at the door and in walks a hunky, almost naked butler to raise the temperature. Here to keep your glasses topped up with fizz, host drinking games and assist you with every need, just make sure he keeps his teeny tiny apron on. The perfect combination between an embarrassing hen party prank and a little bit of eye candy, a butler is a tasteful choice for any upcoming hen weekend.

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Like marshmallows and hot chocolate, gin and tonic and beans on toast, hen weekends and strippers have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. For a truly unforgettable hen party, make sure one of you pulls Hercules aside before he goes straight into his routine and gives him the instruction on how you’d like him to perform. It will be Instagram gold!

The never-ending alarm clock


Incredibly annoying but incredibly funny. To really make your hen wake up on the wrong side of the bed, set an alarm for the oddest hour. She’ll waken, turn it off and go back to a hangover-induced snooze. But, the fun is just beginning! The trick is to hide as many alarms around the bride-to-be’s room and set them 5 minutes apart. You might need to buy her some champers to make up for this one...

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Sharpie ‘tattoo’ a stripper’s name

A cheap laugh BUT always fun. If the hen was rather impressed with the stripper’s performance, why not take it to the next level? Once she passes out from too many Sambucas, artistically draw a tattoo with the name of the stripper on her arm. That will guarantee her a mini heart attack the morning after and a good laugh for the girls.

Cabin crew announcement

If you’ve decided on a hen weekend away, then where better to start the games than at the airport. While the unsuspecting bride-to-be is sitting in her seat, pay a visit to one of the air hostess’ and ask for a very big favour. There’s nothing better than watching your favourite hen squirm and squeal when hearing her name and an embarrassing message for the whole place to hear.

DJ announcement

Just when the hen thinks she’s recovered for the aeroplane mishap, get the DJ to do the same. She’ll never know what to expect next.

Nude Life drawing


If strippers are off limits with the hubby, try hen party life drawing. A perfectly sculpted model will be your muse for a whole hour and that will get the giggling on as he strategically spreads himself all over the floor for you to draw. If that’s not shocking enough, add on a lady model to make up a pair or swap the handsome guy for an older, less in shape gentleman. It will be the best activity you’ll ever do!

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Naughty teacher

Ever heard of a Flirt and Seduction masterclass? Yes, that’s right, and it’s rather popular too! Your instructor will teach you ways of using that hidden feminine mystique and even how to spice up the bedroom by incorporation the kinkiest toys. Why not have the hen host the masterclass for a bit, putting the spotlight on her? We’ll guarantee you she’ll turn red in a split of a second.  

Not so macho

We can arrange a number of activities that are ideal for any hen weekend. From paintballing to indoor go karting, and white water rafting to an old school sports day, there really is no end to the fun and games that you can get up to. Yet why not make it even better and have a word with the instructor. Get them to single your hen out, make out as if she is getting EVERYTHING wrong and maybe even get a good telling off in front of the whole group. Who said school-boy pranks weren’t for girls?


Harmless fun since primary school, everyone loves a good dare - as long as you don’t have to do one! Stitch the hen up with some cringeworthy challenges. From speaking in a funny accent, to kissing a bald man’s head, just sit back, relax and watch her make a fool out of herself.

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Cocktails gone wrong

What could be better than one of our expertly arranged cocktail masterclasses? With your very own professional mixologist, you’ll be shown how to create your own drinks and also be given a shot of your choice. Yet, what would happen if EVERYTHING your hen touched or went near, broke? Imagine glasses breaking, vodka spilling and when the lid falls off the salt just in time for the tequila shot, your mixologist loses it!

Face painting

A class hen party idea that never ceases to amaze. Wait until your hen has had one too many and then get creative. Moustaches are always a favourite, as are words written on the forehead. Even better - try and convince her to keep it on.

Design your own t-shirts

Whatever you’ve got planned for the hen weekend, at home or away, wearing your very own personalised tees is a great laugh. Turn it up a notch with a different embarrassing photo of the bride-to-be on each one and watch as passers-by giggle to themselves.

Create your own masks

Even better than personalised t-shirts, is to create face masks with a picture of the hen on them. Then, when you’re in a bar, ask a stranger to take a picture and just before he snaps, grab your mask and pose!

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Confessions of a bride-to-be


This one takes a lot of preparation but the results are fantastic. In the weeks leading up to the hen weekend, write down as many funny stories about the hen that you can think of. You might need to get the help of the future husband for this one. Then when you’re all in a bar, begin playing ‘Never have I ever’ but only use the bride’s embarrassing tales. She’ll soon cotton on.

Jokes on you


We can also arrange various evenings at comedy clubs around the world. Why not use the embarrassing stories from before and see if the comedian can get all eyes on your hen! Worse still, get them to single her out and even up on stage.

Mess with her hair

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t mess with a girl’s hair but it’s a hen party so rules go out of the window. When she’s not looking, put talcum powder in the hairdryer and watch a flurry of panic when she goes to blow dry her locks.

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Mix up the make up

Add further stress and pranks to the hen’s getting ready routine by offering to do her make-up. Ask her what look she wants and go for the opposite!

A walking hen party

Did you really go on a hen weekend if you didn’t dress the hen up in random paraphernalia? There’s no better way to get unwanted attention from groups of men than to make it really obvious that it’s a hen party night out. Invest in dares aprons, L-sign badges, a mini veil and a sash to top things off.

The ULTIMATE Hen Party prank


This one takes guts but if you’re up for a challenge, look no further. Simply take the hen’s phone when she has a bath, pops to loo or heads to bar. Then find your number and change the contact ID to her hubbie-to-be’s name. Now get ready for  business. Using your phone, text the hen explaining that you just can’t go through with the wedding. When then hen arrives back to her phone, watch as she panics and rings her partner - only to find out it’s her best friends! Cruel but VERY funny.

What did you think about our hen party prank ideas? Were you brave enough to give them a go? If you have any questions or would like to arrange a hen party weekend that you’ll never forget, check out our hen party life drawing classes.

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