Fabulous Hen Party at Home Ideas

Home Hen Party Activities

If you’ve been tasked with planning a hen party at home, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s plenty of great ideas that are a little more exciting than simply ordering a pizza and sticking Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on the TV. With a little extra creativity and some expert planning, you can give the bride-to-be an unforgettable hen night from the comfort of your own home. Plus after a few too many homemade cocktails, it’s just like being in Vegas…

DIY Spa Day

Pros: You don’t have to worry about sharing a sauna with a hairy fat man

Cons: You may become too relaxed to do anything… Yawn


Give your bride-to-be a little TLC in time for her big day and organise a pampering day. Whether you fancy yourself as a little beauty therapist or want the professionals to come to you, don’t forget a little bit of fizz to help celebrate her special day. Take a look at these classy hen party ideas for more inspiration.

Nude Life Drawing

Pros: A naked man in your living room. It feels a little naughty and we like it.

Cons: The gorgeous male model can’t stay all night


Release a little school girl humour with a hen party life drawing class. Unleash your artistic side as you sketch and draw your model in multiple positions. Even better, your model will play a number of fun party games guaranteed to lift the atmosphere. This personal and fun activity will definitely see your bride-to-be blush when she has to pose with the model in the final shot. Take a look at these daytime activities for a hen party for more creative inspiration.

Are you planning a hen party? Get an instant quote for a classy life drawing class here. If you are looking for a different kind of hen party, that will be talked about for years to come, our life drawing classes create a totally unique and unforgettable experience for your bride-to-be and all her hens.

Tapas Supper Club

Pros: You can pretend you’re a whizz in the kitchen

Cons: Prepare to be disappointed when the girls find out who the real master is


Impress all the hen party guests with this unique and tasty Vintage Tapas Evening. Sit back and relax as the restaurant is brought you. Choose from six delicious tapas dishes, which will be served on vintage china and enjoy the vintage music from a traditional gramophone. A memorable hen party meal that will satisfy all senses.

A Pop-up Cocktail Bar Complete with Topless Waiter

Pros: Drinks are always cheaper at home!

Cons: Someone’s gotta wash all the dirty glasses (Bagsy not us)


If cocktail making is just your cup of tea, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s plenty of cocktail bars and mobile mixologists that will cater for hen parties ahead of the wedding day. You’ll get your very own pop-up bar, cocktail making lesson and the option of a topless barman. Why not ask him to create a bespoke cocktail just for the bride or release a little friendly competition with a cocktail making competition?

Themed Dinner Party and a Private Chef

Pros: You can pretend you have you a private chef for one night only

Cons: Tomorrow it’s jacket potatoes and cheesy beans on the menu

home-chef-min (1).jpg

Private Chefs don’t have to break the bank balance and with your own selection of booze, it can often be a fantastic idea for hen parties on a budget. Simply choose your theme and your very own chef will create a delicious menu. Plus, these pictures will certainly ooze class on Instagram.

Bake Off Hen Party

Pros: You get cake. Need we say more?

Cons: Not everyone will get to the lick the bowl


Led by a qualified chef, you and your hens will be split into teams before being set a fun baking challenge. Deliciously sweet and ideal for breaking the ice, this vintage hen party activity will test your cooking and teamwork skills. You’ll even get to eat your treats at the end. Ready, Set, Bake!

DIY Wine and Cheese Night

Pros: Oh come on, just look at the title -plus it can be as cheap as you like!

Cons: Too much cheese can cause nightmares. It’s official


We challenge you to find two better things! Nope, it’s impossible. Invest in some good quality cheeses and wines as well as biscuits, chutney and a few grapes for garnish. Not only is it a great idea for foodies but is also ideal if you’re looking for a civilised activity that all ages can get involved in. Remember you can always do vodka shots once your future mother in law has gone! Check out these 9 Clever Tips For Hosting a Fabulous Wine And Cheese Party.

BBQ and Garden Glamping

Pros: The toilets will be better than a traditional festival

Cons: Knowing that your warm cosy bed is just inside is more than difficult


Why pay hundreds of pounds to stand in a muddy field when you can stand in your very own muddy garden for free? Okay, we’re joking. Fire up the BBQ, indulge in a variety of burger sauces and toppings and set up your very own glamping site. Check out Boutique Camping for glam camping accessories that are sure to wow!

A glamorous makeover and vintage tea party

Pros: Every girl loves to get her glam on

Cons: Choosing your era is a tough decision


Every girl loves getting her glam on, so why not treat your hens to a vintage makeover and tea party? With a dressing up suitcase jam-packed with retro accessories, you can transport yourself to any era you like. Traditional afternoon tea, pretty china and of course vintage music will also be included.

Who done it? A murder mystery evening

Pros: It’s unlikely that anyone has ever been to a hen party like it

Cons: It may release a little competition


If you want to get your bride-to-be’s brain ticking over then an evening of mystery, mayhem and murder is on the cards. For all the rules as well as how to plan the ultimate murder mystery hen party, head to www.nightofmystery.com. Plus, get all the girls in their best Gatsby style dresses for ultimate glam.

A Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Craft Party

Pros: You could create something for the big day

Cons: If art isn’t your strong point, it might look like something the kids have made

The perfect activity for those creative brides, a crafts day is easy to organise and will keep you occupied for hours. From fascinator workshops to flower crown making, there’s plenty of mobile creative businesses just waiting to entertain your hens.

Psychic Evening

Pros: You’ll find out whether you’ve met Mr Right before it’s too late

Cons: That girl who’s always the bridesmaid and never the bride may not like her reading


Find out what the future has in store for you with a psychic evening. Choose from tarot or palm readings or go all out with a psychic supper. Plus, there’s loads of companies offering a whole host workshops and games to ensure that the spirits are lifted.

Home Hen Party Games

Balloon Questions

Best For A Cheap Laugh

Get everyone to write down a question at home - naughty or nice - and place inside a balloon. Blow the balloons up and throughout the night, the bride-to-be chooses a balloon, pops it and answer the questions. Note to self: The popping never gets easier. Want to get the whole group involved? Then every hen answers the questions too! Guaranteed to get everyone giggling. Looking for balloons? We love these confetti balloons by Party Pieces!

Prosecco Pong

Best for pre-drinks

You’ve probably heard of beer pong, but Prosecco Pong is a classic hen party at home game that fizzes with fun. Split into teams, pour some drink and try to get your ball into the opposite cups. Whoever lands their ball in the cup, wins that prosecco. Plus, it’s a great picture opportunity - just watch those concentration faces…

Mr + Mrs

Best for digging into the bride's relationship

This hen do game takes a little preparation but is sure to show you a different side to the bride. Before the hen night, ask the groom 20 questions. Then, once the hen party has begun ask your bride-to be the same questions and see how many times their responses match. For some question inspiration, take a look at our Hen Party Mr And Mrs Quiz Questions.

For maximum bridesmaid brownie points, try the brilliant Him&HerVideos website to create a glossy Mr and Mrs video complete with graphics and music. It's a fantastic way to get the groom on-screen and the website does all the work for you.

The Wine Tasting Game

Best for pretending you're sophisticated

We’ve all got that mate who claims to know her Pinot from her Chardonnay and now you can really test her taste buds. Ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine, cover the labels and taste each bottle. Then vote for your favourite wine and the person who bought the wine will reveal the cost of the bottle. Great fun while drinking wine at home - need we say more?

Exclusive Nude Life Wine Offer

We've lined up a treat: £60 to spend on mouth-watering wines from our friends at Naked Wines! The perfect offer to stock up your hen party weekend in Party Location or any other event with your girlfriends!

You can use your £60 treat towards any 12 or 15 bottles, with a minimum value of £99.99 or more. With a great selection of top-notch wines at a price to please every pocket, you can't go wrong. You’ll have plenty of wine for The Wine Tasing Game! Click here to claim your offer.

The Present Game

Best for a walk down memory lane 

Every guest brings a gift for the bride that reminds them of their friendship. Line them up and the get the bride to guess who brought which gift. The gifts can be as small or big as you like. Our favourites include a handwritten poem, CD compilation, a tacky t-shirt or photo of the first night you met.

Prosecco Challenge

Best for playing while out and about

This personalised prosecco challenge is a must for any hen party at home. Whether you’re heading abroad or staying closer to home, be sure to take these pop-up dice with you and set some fizz-fuelled dares. From pretending to be a prosecco expert or getting a stranger to buy you a glass, these bubbly challenges are fantastic. Even better, there’s cocktail and gin versions if prosecco isn’t your thing.

The Cocktail Challenge

Best for kicking off your night at home

Test your hen’s knowledge with some cheeky cocktails. Invest in some cocktail quiz sheets (like these) and see if your hens can guess these naughty names. It’s even funnier when the answers are wrong so expect some spectacular guesses. Even better - why not ask the barman to create a cocktail based on the wrong guesses.

The Bride Quiz

Best for seeing who knows the bride best

Split all the hens into mixed teams - you don’t want all her university friends together. Then hand out these personalised quizzes and see how well everyone knows the bride. To really heat things up, confirm the answer after each question. Those who got it wrong have to do a shot. This quiz really could end up anywhere.

Gin & Tonic Pong

Gin lovers (that's all of us, right?), this hen party game is for you. For the ultimate makeover to the classic beer-based game, gin fans can find gin pong at gettingpersonal.co.uk (while there's also a classy prosecco pong version available at Not On The High Street).

Hens are bound to love this as a way to get the party started and it's a great way to get a little light-hearted competition in to your evening! Although might we suggest adding gin and tonic rather than straight gin to the cups?! 

Never Have I Ever

Best for a classic drinking game

From drinking in the park at 15 to drinking value vodka at university, Never Have I Ever is everyone’s favourite drinking game. Not only does it get the party going but it’s the great way to find out some naughty tales about the other hens. Note to self: don’t let all your best mate’s secrets out, you still want some friends for the plane home. Relive more of life's funny, embarrassing, and awkward moments with your friends by purchasing this Never Have I Ever Expansion Pack.

Home Hen Party Decorations & Accessory Ideas

Banners and Garland

Don’t panic. We’re not talking a five year old’s birthday party banner, we’re talking chic hen party banners and garland for the home. Available in a range of colours and themes, you’re sure to find the perfect banner for your hen party. Plus, you can always wear it as a sash after one too many wines. You slay girl.

Party bags and favours

Everyone loves a party bag so thank your besties in style with a personalised bag. Then choose from a range of classy hen party favours that are sure to impress all the ladies. From wedding survival kits, pencils, themed headbands, personalised shot glasses and more, it’s important to remember your main girls.


Decorate your bride-to-be’s room with a selection of classy balloons. For an even better touch, why not create a personalised photo balloon? Ask all the hens to bring the worst photo of them and the bride and have it made into a huge balloon. Alternatively, if you’re feeling nice, ask the hens to bring a nice photo…

Personalised clothing

Personalised t-shirts are all the craze right now and are certainly a conversation starter! Whether you want to stitch the bride up with a silly photo, want a beyonce-inspired tee or simply want matching glittery tops, there’s a personalised t-shirt for every girl. Plus, it’ll be easy to spot that one mate who ALWAYS wanders off. You know who you are.


Always fancied yourself as a Beyonce? Maybe you’ve been told that you look exactly like Cheryl? With a celebrity mask, you can be your idol for one night only. Even better, you can send your own photo in and make masks of the grooms face. Just watch your bride scream with laughter when she walks into the room.

So girls, with these ideas for a hen party at home, you can arrange an unforgettable celebration in the comfort of your very own homes. Not only will your bride-to-be be impressed but you’ll sure to be in the good books for years to come. For more inspiration, check out even more Classy Hen Party Games or Hen Party Decorations.

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