The Complete Guide To Hen Party Life Drawing Exercises

Whether you’re responsible for organising the hen party of all hen parties, want to unleash a little creativity amongst friends or just want a fun activity with heaps of benefits, Hen Party Life Drawing is a fantastic choice. Learn to draw while challenging yourself and have a laugh at the same time. Result! But don’t worry if you’re more stick-man than life modelling man, as there’s loads of simple life drawing exercises that will help release your inner Van Gogh. Plus, at Nude Life, all of our models are equipped with life drawing tutoring experience and will cater every activity for each group ability.

Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite life drawing exercises. We also send these out in the week leading up to your event so you can choose what games to play in advance!

One-minute pose

Best for: getting the party started

Exactly what it says on the tin and be strict with the time, with a countdown from 15.

Three-minute pose

Best for: those who complained that they didn’t have enough time in the first round

The same as the above but with a little extra time.

Stalker hens

Best for: getting everyone giggling

Stare at the subject and just draw without looking at the paper until you are done! If someone looks down, they have to do a forfeit such as a shot.

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A handful of change

Best for: taking the mic of out of your mates

Switch hands. Right-handed? Draw with your left hand. Left-handed? Draw with your right. Sound easy? Better think again!

No time to think

Best for: those who claim to be creative

Don't think and don't stop, just go with the flow, fast. Just draw continuously and do not stop at all, even for a second!

Look before you leap

Best for: becoming at one with your drawing

Don't draw anything. Just sit there and look. Then perhaps move your hand over your page slowly in the shape of what you will draw - Chinese painters call this the Ghost Hand. Then when you are ready, carefully draw what you have rehearsed or visualised.

Cut me up

Best for: pretending your mate’s masterpiece is actually yours

Cut up your drawings and scatter them on the floor. Get everyone to randomly pick up the same amount of pieces and create a college.

Tone alone

Best for: actually looking like you know what you’re doing

The best drinking games ban names. The best drawing games ban lines. Instead of drawing a line, using chalk to smudge and blend tones.

Negative space exploration

Best for: avoiding looking anywhere but the naked model

Negative spaces are used to describe the space around and between things such as in between the model’s legs (no, you’re dirty) or any objects next to them. If you can draw the space around and between things, the things can take care of themselves.

Out of the darkness

Best for: those who enjoy making a mess

If you like making a mess, try covering a whole sheet of paper in black charcoal, then use a flexible eraser to lift the black away to form grey or white shapes and lines.

Magnetic line - get stuck in

Best for: making a mess a masterpiece

During this exercise you must NOT lift your pencil from the page. Think of it as being stuck to the page and you cannot leave it.

No mistakes!

Best for: the risk-takers

Erase nothing. There are no mistakes! Change nothing, erase nothing, just draw on top of what you have


Final pose: with the bride-to-be

Best for: embarrassing the bride-to-be

The entire group gets to choose which pose the model and bride-to-be will take. Some will choose simple poses and some will push the boundaries! Do what you feel is best, you know the group by now and the dynamics. But, make sure that the bride is comfortable at all times.

To finish:

Collect all the drawings up and put them in the branded folder from your art box. Finish with a round of applause and a group picture with your Nude Life pinny!

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