Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to our Nude Life drawing classes. Plus, if your question isn’t here, we’re always on the end of the line and happy to answer all of your queries.


What's included in a hen party life drawing class?

If your Nude Life drawing class is at your accommodation: 

All included in the hen party price is: an athletic, friendly model, a butler service, spirits for shots, competitions and games, all drawing equipment and a personalised folder to keep your drawings safe forever.

If your Nude Life drawing class is at a venue: 

All included in the hen party price is: an athletic, friendly model, a butler service, competitions and games, all drawing equipment and a personalised folder to keep your drawings safe forever.


How does the Life drawing class run? 

The hour and a half session will begin with your model introducing himself and providing a butler service so that you can have a few drinks to get the party started.

You’ll then draw your model in a variety different poses, each chosen by your group, and a final pose with the bride-to-be. Throughout the session your model will incorporate cheeky games alongside helpful professional tips, choosing the winners and losers with the help of the bride. After you’ve finished your masterpieces, your model is free to have a drink with the group, and the bride will be given a Nude Life folder of everyone’s drawings as a keepsake

Check out our Nude Life drawing class videos for some more inspiration. 


How much is a hen party life drawing class?

Prices start at £20pp.


How much is the deposit?

The deposit is just the organiser's place at the class (between £20-£30), so you don’t have to worry about chasing money to secure your life drawing event. 


Can you do a Nude Life drawing class if you can’t draw?

Of course! Not only is a nude life drawing class a great hen party activity but it’s a fantastic learning experience too. All of our models have successfully completed drawing classes and are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge if you’re more stickman than Vin-van Gogh! Plus we guarantee that even if you can’t draw, you’ll soon feel that sense of competition between your mates!


Can Nude Life come to our venue?

Yes, once booked and confirmed, we are happy to send our models to any location around the UK and Europe. However, we do advise you to book your own venue as not only can you tailor your activity to your individual preferences but we’ve found that you’ll often get better rates when booking yourself.


Is our venue suitable for a hen party life drawing class?

All venues must be closed off to ensure random members of the public don’t get an eyeful! We also recommend that the venue has a bar and a sound system available as well as a generally good atmosphere to get the party started. Don’t panic if you’re struggling to find a venue, however, as  there are lots of venue finding services which can help you find the perfect venue, like or We must advise that we only provide recommendations and it is the customers' responsibility to ensure the venue booked can hold Nude Life events. We do not recommend using hotel function rooms as these can impact the atmosphere of the class.


Can you hold a hen life drawing class outside?

Nude life drawing classes can be held outside - weather permitting!! We wouldn’t want our male models getting cold, would we? In the past we’ve hosted drawing classes at glamping themed hen parties and in the garden of country homes. Check out our selection of classy hen party ideas for some inspiration.


Can Nude Life cater for a mixed gender LGBT group?

100%! At Nude Life, we’re pro LGBT - after all, our hometown is Brighton. As well as hosting various LGBT events, we’re on a mission to show the human body in all its glory in a fun and non-judged way. If you’re planning an LGBT party, why not get in touch to see how we could help?


What is the payment process for a Nude Life class?

All payments are made via a secure online system using Stripe technology. On booking, we ask for a deposit to secure your model, date and time and full payment is required one month before the activity day. We understand that organising a large group of people can be chaotic which is why we only require one person’s place, which equals £25, as a deposit (usually the booker). That way you don’t need to worry about chasing everyone for some cash.


Some of our hen party has dropped out, can we get a refund?

We only ask for full payment one month before the drawing class so if numbers have dropped out since booking, that’s fine. Once you’ve paid in full, refunds are available until one week before the event.


Can we change the time of our hen party life drawing class?

Has something cropped up? Fear not, we’ve got your back. We’ll try our best to change the time subject to availability.


Can we request a particular model for our hen life drawing class?

Unlike any other hen agencies, we give you the opportunity to choose your very own model in certain locations! With a select group of female and male models all over the UK, simply let us know your preferred choice. While each model is subject to availability, the sooner you book, the more chance you’ve got of getting your fave! However, don’t worry if your preferred model is busy as we guarantee that there will be someone else who ticks all the boxes.


Can we have two life drawing models?

Sure! The more the merrier! An extra model will come at a slightly extra cost £pp.


Can we have a male and a female life drawing model?

Yes - why not mix things up or opt for a sten-do (a joint stag and hen do) with both female and male models? At Nude Life, we’re all about being different so for an unforgettable activity, look no further.


What will the models look like?

Our models are all real people with great personality and even better banter! Confident and proud of their bodies, our models vary in appearance but at Nude Life, we appreciate all beauty. Plus, all models have the ability to teach drawing while getting the party started.

To find out more about us and our values visit our About page. 


Can you do a hen party life drawing class in Europe?

We’re proud to have taken our hen party life drawing classes to Ibiza, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Marbella - however we’re more than happy to go anywhere in Europe. We’re all about the work-play balance, which is why we love sending our models for an all-expenses paid trip abroad whenever one of our classes is booked in Europe.


Can we use props for our Nude Life drawing class?

We’re not joking when we say that a Nude Life drawing class is even better with a selection of props! The final shot of the day will see the bride-to-be pose with the model. Why not stitch her right up and watch her face as the model gets out some all too familiar props? Does your BFF have a weird Harry Potter fetish? Does she have a weird celebrity crush? Or maybe she can’t get enough of feet? Whatever she likes we can ensure her cheeks will go seriously red in this one!


What will happen in the lead up to our life drawing class?

In the week leading up to the event, we’ll be in contact to finalise times, venues and model information. You’ll also be sent a preparation pack via email to assist with your hen party planning. Remember, we’re always available to answer any questions about your event.


What will happen on the day of our Nude Life drawing hen party?

On the day of the drawing class, your model will be in touch one hour before the event to arrange any last minute plans. Once in the class, you’ll draw your model in three different poses, each chosen by your group. After you’ve finished your masterpieces, your model will hang around for a drink.


Can we extend the life drawing class?

We’ve all been there. You’re having so much fun and don’t want the party to end! That’s why all of our models are more than happy to stick around for FREE, subject to availability.


Can we play games during our life drawing class?

All our Nude Life models come equipped with a number of naughty games, hen party dare cards and a bottle of apple sourz. Check out these seriously classy hen party games that are guaranteed to get the party started.


How do I book a life drawing class?

Don’t just take our word it, take a look at our reviews here. Get in touch today for a classy yet unforgettable group activity!